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Gog Spring Sale 2020 with more than 2500 discounted games until March 30

Gog unveiled the company's annual Spring Sale yesterday. The gaming platform holds several sales throughout the year and Spring Sale is just one of them. Customers and new users find more than 2500 discounted games on the platform which focuses heavily on classic games.

While you will find newer games on Gog as well, most games that are currently available fall into the classic category.

gog spring sale 2020

The Spring Sale offers a good opportunity to buy classic games or entire series for a discount. Gog's platform differs in several key aspects from other gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin or uPlay.

Besides the focus on classic games, Gog is one of the few companies that does not require customers to install a gaming client on their devices. Gog Galaxy, the company's gaming client, is an optional component that customers may install on their devices to improve manageability of games and to get extra features such as community features or updating functionality. Additionally, Gog games are DRM free.

It is almost a tradition that we highlight some of the better game deals during a sale on Gog. So, here we go (as always, this is a highly biased list based on my preferences):

  1. King's Bounty: Crossworlds GOTY -- I played the original King's Bounty game back in the good old days and like the new interpretations. It took me two attempts to really like the game but it is well designed and if you have a thing for tactical turn-based strategy games in a fantasy setting, this is one of the better choices for you. All other King's Bounty games are also discounted on Gog. The Heroes of Might and Magic games fall into the same game niche and they are discounted as well.
  2. Wing Commander Series -- Wing Commander 1 to 5 and Privateer are discounted during the sale. You can get each of the games for less than $2 and it is definitely worth it in my opinion if you are into space action games. They have not aged super-well but they are still playable.
  3. The Thief series -- If you like stealth games, Thief is one of the best series that you can try. All games have a medieval setting.
  4. Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition -- Considered one of the best 3D Fallout games ever made, New Vegas is a must-play for Fallout fans. The Ultimate Edition includes add-on packs and content that extend gameplay.
  5. XIII -- A first-person shooter based on the comic series. It uses a cool cell-shading technology for graphics and has aged better than expected.

There are lots of other games on sale right now that may be of interest: from the Witcher series to classic Blizzard games and adventure game series from LucasArts and Sierra.

Now You: Do you play classic computer games?

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