qBittorrent 4.3.0 is a major update with important changes

The developers of the BitTorrent client qBittorrent have released a new stable version of the client for all supported operating systems. QBittorrent 4.3.0 is the first release since April 2020, and as such introduces many changes and fixes to the application.

Users who use the client already should see update notifications pop up in the client when they start it up. A click on Help > Check for Updates runs a manual update check so that the update can be installed on the system.

Note: Windows may display a SmartScreen warning screen when the installer is run; this happens for instance when a program is new. I checked the 64-bit Windows installer on VirusTotal and it is clean.

qbittorrent 4.3.0

The new version of the torrent client uses the latest version of libtorrent and Qt 5.15.1. The former includes numerous fixes and improvements, including fixed memory leaks and fixes for speed issues on Windows caused by the operating system's caching logic. Qt 5.15.1 on the other hand improves high DPI support on all system.

QBittorrent users who use custom themes may notice that themes may change many user interface element colors once they have been updated now.  One downside to this is that theme bundles won't work properly with the new release until they are updated by their designers.

As far as other feature additions are concerned, there are some:

  • Users are informed when the move of a torrent has been completed.
  • The new keyboard shortcut Ctrl-I opens the Statistics window.
  • The client's Web UI supports RSS functionality.

QBittorrent users who notice slower client exits compared to previous versions may want to try and increase the maximum limit of the parameter concurrent HTTP announce in the advanced settings to improve this.

qbittorrent-max concurrent http announces

The official release notes list many bug fixes next to all this. Notably from a user perspective are, among others:

  • The complete file detection logic has been improved; this is used when rechecking, adding, or moving torrents.
  • Calculations of the current state of torrents improved.
  • The peer list is cleared if a private torrent tracker is edited.
  • Banning of selected peers is more robust.
  • RSS articles are marked read when the torrent is downloaded.
  • HTTPS tracker validation option added to Linux and Mac OS X versions.

New users and those who prefer a standalone installer / version can download the release files from the official download repository.

Tip: Check out some of our qBittorrent guides, e.g. on creating private torrents, searching for torrents from within qBittorrent, configuring qBittorrent to cut torrent traffic if a VPN disconnects, what the program's Advanced Saving Management feature is all about, or these general qBitorrent tips. (via gHacks )

Now You: Do you use a torrent client? If so which, and why that client?


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