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September 2018

Control big Android devices better with a single hand

Reachability Cursor: one-handed mode mouse pointer is a new application for Google Android to control big Android devices with a single hand.

Smartphones seem to get bigger with every passing year; while that is great on the one hand as that usually goes hand in hand with a bigger and better screen, it is not so great on the other hand for a number of reasons.

This Firefox bug may crash the browser and your operating system

A newly discovered bug in the desktop version of the Firefox web browser may crash the browser and under certain circumstances the entire operating system.

Discovered and revealed by security researcher Sabri Haddouche, the bug causes the Firefox web browser to crash when a specifically prepared website is loaded in the web browser.

What happens then depends on the operating system. Firefox displays the browser's Crash Reporter prompt on Linux and Mac OS X which may be used to inform Mozilla about the crash and to restart Firefox.

Firefox 65: New Cookie Jar Policy to block tracking

Mozilla plans to launch a new anti-tracking method in Firefox 65 that blocks tracking resources from accessing storage on all desktop platforms. The new policy is designed specifically to limit cross-site tracking while minimizing site access and rendering issues.

The actual implementation depends largely on tests in pre-release versions of the Firefox web browser. Mozilla runs a Shield study in Firefox Beta 63 at the moment.

Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2 is out

Mozilla released Firefox 62.0.2 on September 21, 2018 to the Release channel. The new version of the web browser is a minor update that addresses bugs and security issues in Firefox Stable.

The organization released Firefox 62.0 on September 4, 2018, a major version release that included security fixes, bug fixes and new features.

Mozilla wants to estimate Firefox's Telemetry-off population

Mozilla Firefox is one of the few web browsers out there that gives users and system administrators options to turn off Telemetry.

Telemetry, which Mozilla introduced in Firefox 7 back in 2011, provides data to Mozilla which the organization uses to refine its products.

While that is often beneficial to users, for instance when issues are detected and fixed, it has also been used in the past to justify the removal of features from Firefox. The removal of features based on Telemetry led to my suggestion in 2013 to keep Telemetry enabled to make "your voice" count.

FastStone Image Viewer 6.6 is a lot faster

FastStone released a new version of the company's picture viewer FastStone Image Viewer today that brings the version of the application to 6.6.

FastStone Image Viewer 6.6 improves the performance of certain operations in the application significantly. Users who noticed slowdowns when they browsed large collections of images on their devices or when they opened folders with lots of photos may notice significant loading time improvements.