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December 2018

Remove Backgrounds from Photos automatically is a new free online service that you may use to remove the background of photos automatically that you upload to the service.

Sometimes, you may want to remove background noise from an image, for instance to copy an object without the background as part of a collage.

The manual approach to remove background from a photo is certainly the most accurate option but it requires a certain set of skills, proficiency with an image editor capable of doing so, that many computer users don't have.

How to bookmark multiple tabs in Firefox 64+

Firefox 64 was released this week; the release brought along with it a number of changes including support for multi-tab operations.

Firefox users can Shift-click or Ctrl-click on tabs in the browser's tabbar to select multiple; operations like pinning, closing, or moving can then be executed on the tab stack.

Ctrl-click selects or deselects individual tabs; Shift-key on the other hand selects all tabs between the active tab and the selected tab. Both operations work similarly to how files can be selected in Windows Explorer and other file managers.

Winter Games Sale on has started

The Winter Sale has started today. PC gamers can head over to the gog website to grab a free game and buy more than 2000 discounted games over the course of the next three weeks.

The free game is Full Throttle Remastered, a remake of Lucasart's adventure game Full Throttle. Any customer may add the game to the account to play it for free. You may create an account for free to sign up for the site to claim the free game.

Brave: faster loading speed, Chrome extension support

Brave, the ambitious web browser that aims to change website financing and Internet advertising, was switched to Chromium this month.

Brave did use Chromium's rendering engine from the very beginning but it did not use Chromium for its user interface. Company engineers created Muon, a custom "more secure" fork of Electron and used it to power the user interface of the browser.

Vivaldi 2.2 released: navigation and customization improvements

Vivaldi Technologies released Vivaldi 2.2 to the Stable channel on December 13, 2018. The new version of the web browser improves navigation, improves customization options further, and includes other new or improved features.

Existing Vivaldi installations are upgraded to the new version automatically by default; administrators who don't want to wait can run a check for updates to install the new version of Vivaldi early.