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September 2020

Microsoft plans to release a standalone version of Microsoft Office next year

Microsoft released Office 2019 two years ago on September 24, 2018. The new version of Office was released exclusively for Windows 10 and Mac OS X and included a number of fundamental changes to previous versions of Office and Office 365 (now Microsoft 365).

Office 2019 was released as a standalone version that required a one-time payment and no subscription. Customers could use Office 2019 on devices without Internet connection, and Microsoft aligned the support period with that of Office 2016. Both products will run out of support in 2025.

A look at Microsoft Edge 87's Sleeping Tabs feature

Microsoft plans to introduce a feature called Sleeping Tabs into the company's Microsoft Edge 87 web browser.The feature is designed to reduce the browser's resource usage by unloading background tabs automatically.

The feature is available as an experimental flag in the browser currently; you need Microsoft Edge 87 at least, which is currently available as a Canary channel version.