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How to select and move multiple Chrome tabs at once

Google Chrome, just like any other modern browser, is a tab-driven web browser that gives its users options to open sites in different tabs in the interface.

Users can keep multiple sites open in Chrome that way and switch between them easily. Tabs support drag and drop operations to move them to a new position in the browser window or drag them out of the current window to create a new one automatically.

Sometimes, you may want to move multiple browser tabs of a Chrome window to a new location in the window or create a new browser window using the selection.

YouTube pushing non-skippable ads

YouTube revealed in a new video for content creators recently that it plans to push unskippable video ads on the video hosting site.

The video "Want to earn more money from ad revenue?" was published on the official Creator Insider channel on YouTube.

All publishers on YouTube that may monetize videos on the site will get options to run unskippable ads on their channels.

Chrome experiment hides Search URLs

Google is testing a change in the company's Chrome web browser currently that hides the URL in the address bar when users run searches in the browser.

The experimental feature is only available on Android currently, but the description suggests that it will also become available for desktop versions of Chrome and Chrome OS.

A search for the flag on a Windows PC returned zero hits at the time of writing though.

The Flash Games Preservation project Flashpoint

Adobe Flash will be retired in 2020 and browser makers such as Google, Mozilla or Microsoft started to phase out Flash support already in the browsers they create.

Screenshots from the Firefox Developer Tools console

Mozilla plans to launch a new screenshot taking feature in Firefox 63 that enables users to capture screenshots using the Developer Tools console.

Another screenshot tool and feature? Firefox has quite a few of those already and if you don't follow development closely, it may be unclear why Mozilla will add another to the web browser.

Firefox users can use the native screenshot tool of the browser to take screenshots, and save them online or offline. The tool supports basic image editing options even.

Goodbye Snipping Tool Hello Screen Sketch

Windows 10 users who run a beta version of the upcoming next feature update of Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1809, get a deprecation notification when they open the Snipping Tool on the system.

Linux Mint 19 "Tara" final is out

The Linux Mint team has released Linux Mint 19 final, codename Tara, in the desktop environment flavors Cinnamon, Mate, and Xfce.

Watch videos on YouTube without changing pages

InstantView is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser and compatible browsers that plays YouTube videos without changing pages on YouTube.

When you click on a video on YouTube you are taken to the page the video was published on to play it.

While that is wanted sometimes, you sometimes may not want to leave the page you are own. Maybe you ran a search on YouTube and want to browse the search results after playing the video, or you don't want to lose the recommendations that YouTube displays on the homepage, or browse your YouTube subscriptions.

Brave browser gets private tab with Tor option

The makers of the Brave web browser announced a new feature today that introduces an option to open private browsing tabs with Tor for that added bit of privacy.

You cannot really say that Brave is just like any other browser out there. While it is based on Chromium code and supports pretty much all the web standards that Google Chrome supports because of it, it is different in several key areas.

Extension Police for Chrome vets installed extensions

Extension Police is a relatively new Chrome extension that vets all installed browser extensions and gives you actionable advice for each.

Chrome extensions are limited in what they can do and Chrome's extension system limits the scope to the browser. Extensions can request additional permissions -- beyond the default scope -- which is required for some functionality.


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