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Speed up Microsoft Edge with TCP Fast Open

TCP Fast Open is a new feature of Microsoft Edge that speeds up the web browser's page loading time by over 10% on average, and in some cases up to 40%.

The feature is currently only available in preview versions of Microsoft Edge available on Fast and Slow Ring Insider Builds.

Microsoft gives away lots of free eBooks

Microsoft is giving away hundreds of free ebooks currently covering a wide variety of topics that include Windows, Azure, Office, Windows Server, and SharePoint among others.

Opera 40 with improved Battery Saver options

Opera launched a new Power Saving mode in Opera 39 to improve the web browser's battery life during mobile use.

Opera's own tests showed that the browser's staying powers improved significantly with battery mode enabled. It is still too early to tell how big of an impact battery saver mode makes on day to day operations, but it seems clear already that it extends battery life of devices to a degree.

The first version of Battery Saver shipped with little options. Opera displays the battery saver icon in the interface when it notices that the computer is running on Battery.

Firefox 48: first Rust component onboard

Firefox 48 will be the first stable version of Firefox that ships with a Rust component included according to Mozilla.

Mozilla has high hopes for Rust, a memory-safe programming language that's advertised as a safe alternative to C++.

Would you pay a subscription fee for Windows?

Ever since Microsoft introduced Windows 10's free for the first year upgrade offer, rumors circulated around the Internet that the company would introduce subscriptions after that time period that all users who had upgraded to Windows 10 for free would have to pay.

While those rumors are not true as far as I can tell, it is clear that software companies have been moving towards subscription-based services in the past couple of years.

Discogs app for Android is out

Music tracking, collection and marketplace Discogs released the official Android application on the Google Play store just a moment ago.

The new app comes months after the release of the Discog iOS application. While late to the party -- there are several third-party Discogs applications out there already -- it brings along with it a major feature set.

Microsoft Security Bulletins July 2016

Welcome to the Microsoft Security Bulletins overview for July 2016. The overview covers July's Patch Day, and all patches released by Microsoft on July 12, 2016 for Windows and other company products.

It starts with an executive summary that reveals important information about this month's security patches. It is followed by the operating system and Microsoft product distribution listing, revealing how specific Microsoft products are affected this month.

PC Tasks Optimizer

PC Tasks Optimizer is a free software program for Windows devices that assists users in disabling unneeded Windows tasks.

The Windows Task Scheduler is a core part of the Windows operating system. It consists basically of a list of scheduled tasks that are executed when certain events occur. These events may for instance be on system start.

While all Windows users may manage tasks using the Task Scheduler, doing so requires some understanding of tasks and quite a bit of research.

Private Internet Access shuts down Russian servers

Private Internet Access announced today to all its customers via email that it made the decision to shut down all of the company's Russian servers.

The VPN provider, who operates servers in dozens of countries, cites a new Russian law that makes it mandatory for providers to log all Internet traffic for up to a year as the prime reason.

Additionally, Private Internet Access mentions that some of the company's servers were seized by Russian authorities recently without "notice or any type of due process".

Vivaldi gets WebRTC Leak protection

Vivaldi released a new snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 1.3 web browser that brings along with it WebRTC Leak protection, additional mouse gestures, and improved hibernation support on Linux.

WebRTC, Web Real-Time Communication, is a relatively new feature of modern browsers used for real-time communication services without use if plugins.

Common WebRTC applications include chat, voice calling and P2P file sharing among other things. While certainly handy for Internet users who make use of it, it is of little use to those who don't.


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