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MS16-072 may break Group Policy configurations

Microsoft released 16 security bulletins as part of the June 2016 Patch Day of which one, MS16-072, is causing serious issues on some computer configurations.

The security update patches a vulnerability in Windows that could result in elevation of privilege during a man in the middle attack.

All In One System Rescue Toolkit

All In One System Rescue Toolkit is a collection of tools for running administrative and troubleshooting tasks on Windows machines.

If you are the go-to guy when tech disasters happen in your family, circle of friends, or at work, you probably have an assortment of tools at hand all the time that assist you when it comes to troubleshooting those issues.

If you have not created your own set of tools, you may use a collection created by someone else. Popular solutions such as GeGeek Toolkit feature hundreds of free tools to analyze and repair all sorts of PC isues.

BitTorrent Sync now called Resilio Sync

BitTorrent made the decision to spin-off Sync, the company's file synchronization service to newly founded company Resilio.

Resilio, headed by former BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, takes over Sync and everything associated with it.

In fact, when you visit the official Sync download site right now, you will notice that the site has already been rebranded to highlight the new brand and name of the product.

Refresh Windows program for Windows 10

Refresh Windows is a new program for Windows 10 that enables you to reset Windows by downloading it and installing it on the PC.

Microsoft revealed back in May 2016 that it was working on a new tool to refresh an installation of Windows.

Windows Store gets “pick a drive” feature

A new version of Windows Store featuring a new layout and features will be released alongside the Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

One of those new features is the option to install large applications on another drive.

It is rather interesting to note that app management options are rather limited right now, and that the situation will change only slightly with the release of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 this Summer.

Firefox Container Tab feature: first look

Container Tab is a new experimental feature that is available in Firefox 50 Nightly currently that can be best described as profiles lite. We talked about the feature back when it was called Contextual Identities.

Firefox supports profiles which you can use to run different copies of the browser that are completely independent from each other.

VDesk for Windows 10: launch programs on virtual desktops

VDesk is a free, open source, program for the Windows 10 operating system that extends a system's virtual desktop functionality.

Microsoft added a virtual desktop feature to Windows 10 that is completely optional to use. It adds options to Windows 10 to create a number of virtual desktops that users can switch between to separate programs from each other.

The concept is not new and has been part of many Linux distributions for years. Microsoft released a program for Windows XP back then that added virtual desktop functionality to the operating system.

Custom Windows 10 tiles for programs

Win10Tile is a free open source program for the Windows operating system that enables you to create and set custom tiles for any Windows 10 start menu program.

Microsoft brought the start menu back in Windows 10 which looks like a crossbreed between the Windows 7 start menu and the Windows 8 start screen interface.

The start menu displays desktop programs and apps in its interface, and offers customization options to display program or app tiles directly when it is opened.

Firefox 50 custom page permission visibility improved

Firefox 50 ships with a new custom permissions indicator in the address bar that reveals if custom permissions are set.

The Firefox web browser puts you in control when it comes to permissions that you give web pages and web applications.

You may change default permissions, which are then active for all sites and apps, or may customize the permission set for individual sites to override those default permissions.

Microsoft Security Bulletins June 2016

This summary provides you with detailed information about the security bulletins that Microsoft released for its Windows operating system and other company products on June 14, 2016.

The guide lists all security and non-security patches, as well as security advisories that Microsoft released since the last patch day on May 10, 2016.

Each update is linked to Microsoft's Knowledge Base so that you can look it up in detail.


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