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Manage Windows Defender Notifications

Windows Defender is the default antivirus solution that ships with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.

Web Storage Viewer for Firefox privacy add-on

Web Storage Viewer is a brand new browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that displays data stored by websites on the local system.

While many Internet users are aware of cookies and the danger to privacy they represent by now, the majority is probably unaware of other tracking means.

Web Storage, also known as DOM storage, HTML5 storage, session storage or local storage is such an option.

ShutUp10 update with Lockscreen tweaks

O&O ShutUp10 is one of many privacy tools created specifically for Windows 10's operating system. All of these programs are designed to block Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system from collecting and transferring data to Microsoft.

Facebook Gameroom launches for Windows

Facebook launched Gameroom for Windows, a desktop gaming platform similar to Steam, Origin, uPlay or Gog today.

Gameroom provides users with access to a collection of native web games, ported mobile games, and native Gameroom games.

You need to sign in using a Facebook account, or create one, before you can start browsing the selection of games.

LastPass enables unlimited devices syncing for free users

LastPass announced today that all users of its password management solution are now able to sync data across all their devices for free.

LastPass is a popular password management solution for desktop and mobile devices that uses the cloud for storage.

The company offers free and premium accounts to its users. Probably the biggest limitation up until now was that free users could only use LastPass on a single device class.

Google experimenting with bottom URL bar on Android

Google is testing a new experimental flag on Chrome for Android currently that moves the URL bar of the mobile browser to the bottom.

The URL bar, or address bar, is one of the core components of the browser. It is an interactive field that users can type in to search or load sites directly, and it also reveals the address of the current page on top of that.

Since it is such an essential piece of any browser, it comes as no surprise that developers have not experimented a whole lot with placements for the URL bar.

Checking for updates slow on Windows 7? Here is the fix

You may have noticed that update checks on Windows 7 machines may take a long, long, long time to complete before any updates are displayed for download and installation.

Some users have reported that it took them days to get the initial list of updates displayed to them. That's unacceptable on several levels, but more importantly leaves the operating system open to attacks and issues for that period of time.

Disable the Windows 10 Lock Screen (Anniversary Update)

As you may know, Microsoft disabled some policies from working on Windows 10 Pro systems in the Anniversary Update.

Among the things that Windows 10 Pro admins cannot configure anymore is the lock screen behavior, or more precisely, the policy to turn off the lock screen.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Still On for Windows 7/8 keys

Reports are coming in that Windows users may still upgrade their devices to Windows 10 provided that they have a Windows 7 or 8 key.

LastPass Authenticator makes 2FA easier

LastPass launched a new version of the company's Authenticator application for Android and iOS devices yesterday that makes the 2-factor authentication process easier.


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