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VLC 3.0 Chromecast support

VideoLAN, the company behind the powerful cross-platform VLC Media Player, revealed on Wednesday that VLC Media Player 3.0 will ship with Chromecast support.

Chromecast is a device created by Google that allows you to stream media from a device to another.

NoSquint Plus for Firefox and Chrome

NoSquint Plus is a new add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browser that is a fork of the very popular but no longer maintained NoSquint extension for Firefox.

Amazon Assistant knows all about you

Amazon Assistant is a service by Amazon that is offered as a browser extension or mobile application designed to improve the Internet shopping experience.

Its main features are product comparison, access to Amazon's wishlist from any website, the highlighting of daily deals on Amazon, and a search.

Why Firefox will continue to lose market share

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser. Not everyone may agree with me on this but that is fine and expected. Firefox is the browser that gives users the most control over their browsing experience. It has the strongest add-on ecosystem of the three, and is backed by an organization that for the most part seems to be on the user's side of things when it comes to rights and such.

Opera launches News and Search app for Android

Opera Software launched a new application for Android devices called Opera browser - news & search that moves away from the classic web browser concept.

The company has experimented with news feeds and personalized news in Opera browsers both on the desktop and mobile devices for some time, and it seems that the new app marks the next step in the company's journey.

Opera browser - news & search is not a classic web browser anymore even though it comes with functionality to load web pages.

Buying Software? Research may save you money

When I look back at my software buying history of the past five or so years, it is clear almost immediately that I did not really buy many products in that time.

The main reason for that is that there are lots of free programs available for Windows -- and other desktop operating systems -- that provide me with the functionality I require.

In fact, there are types of software where commercial programs are non-existent. Think of web browsers for instance and let me know if you can name a single commercial browser.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14361 released

The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14361 has just been released by Microsoft to the Fast Ring channel.

The company announced last month that the Anniversary Update was feature complete, and that it would concentrate the remaining weeks until its official release for fixes and polishing.

It should come as no surprise therefore that the list of new features is relatively small, and that the list of fixed issues is mighty long.

uTorrent Forum latest casualty in Hacking Gone Wild

When you open the official uTorrent web forum right now, a security advisory notifies you that forum data has been compromised and that attackers were able to download the forum user list.

Users of the forum should consider passwords used on the forum as compromised even though they have not been available in clear text but as hashed passwords.

Opera 38: Find out what is new

Opera 38 Stable was released on June 8, 2016. It features a new power saver mode as well as other improvements.

The new Opera browser version is already available, and users can update the stable version of the browser using automatic updates, or by downloading a copy from the Opera website.

You can perform a manual check for updates in Opera by loading chrome://about. This reveals the current version, and whether an update is available.

If an update is detected, it will be downloaded automatically and installed thereafter.

Microsoft Edge full policy list

The following guide provides you with information about all Microsoft Edge policies up to the release of Windows 10's Anniversary Update in Summer 2016.

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10. Most who used it agree that it works better than Internet Explorer in many regards, but also see quite a few issues of which some will be resolved with this Summer's Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Policies are designed to manage Microsoft Edge, and here in particular in business environments and the enterprise.


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