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Which browser is the fastest?

Which browser is the fastest? When Google introduced Chrome, one area the company put a lot of emphasize on was performance.

Google ran benchmarks regularly showing that the browser's performance was way better than that of other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer which were dominating the landscape at that time.

Dropbox makes changes to camera upload feature

Dropbox will turn off automatic camera uploads in the company's mobile applications for free users of the service starting July 22, 2016.

The change is one of many the company announced on the official blog today.

UltraSearch 2.1 with file content search

The new version of the file search program UltraSearch 2.1  for Windows introduces file content search among many other changes and fixes.

UltrasSearch 2.1 is the first major update of the free file search program for Windows for over a year.

The program is one of those ultra-fast third-party search programs that use the Master File Table (MFT) to find matching files quickly.

This leads to near-instant results once you start typing file names, extensions, or a combination thereof in the search field.

Firefox 49 gets TLS 1.3 support

Mozilla implemented support for the security protocol TLS 1.3 in Firefox 49 recently.

TLS 1.3 is the most recent version of TLS (Transport Layer Security), the successor of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). TLS is a cryptographic protocol used to improve communications security on the Internet.

Most Internet users come in contact with TLS when browsing the web (when they connect to HTTPS websites), or when they setup email accounts manually. The protocol is used for other activities such as instant messaging or voice over IP however.

Geek Uninstaller: remove Windows apps

The latest version of Geek Uninstaller, a third-party solution for Windows to remove installed software, supports removing Windows apps.

Geek Uninstaller is one of a handful of programs that you can use as an alternative for Windows' built-in uninstaller.

Just like Revo Uninstaller and others, it supports not only the removal of programs, but also the scanning for leftovers so that traces left on the device after uninstallation are removed as well.

VLC 2.0 for Android released

The update to VLC 2.0 for Android introduces a large number of new features such as network browsing and video playlists to the popular media player.

VLC Media Player may not be as popular on Android as it is on desktop computer systems, but it is still fairly popular thanks to the feature set it ships with.

ScriptSafe for Chrome update brings Fingerprint Protecting

ScriptSafe is a popular Google Chrome extension that works in many regards similar to the popular NoScript extension for the Firefox web browser.

The extension is as feature-rich as it gets, listing a massive list of features on its options page.

Apart from blocking certain elements such as script, object or iframe tags by default, it is making use of several blocklists to block unwanted content including ads.

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu problems

Microsoft's Start Menu troubleshooter has been designed to fix start menu problems that you experience when running devices with Windows 10.

While the start menu may have lost some of its appeal in recent years thanks to the rise of other options to launch programs, most notable the taskbar upgrade introduced in Windows 7, it is still one of the central access points not only for programs but also for search and new features such as Cortana on Windows 10.

Find out why a program wont run on Windows

Exe Properties is a lightweight program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), and minimum Windows version of executable files and dlls.

Did you ever run into programs on Windows that would seemingly do nothing when run? You double-click on the file and nothing happens.

You check the Windows Task Manager and it is not running either. Or, you run a program only to get a prompt stating that the application is not compatible with your version of Windows.

Microsoft: Edge good, Chrome bad for battery life

Microsoft Edge is the best performing, Google Chrome the worst performing web browser when it comes to battery life performance according to Microsoft.

If you are using a laptop or tablet for some of your computer-related activities you are probably aware that browsers may have a big impact on battery life.


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