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Microsoft shames power hungry programs on Windows 10

If you are running a recent stable version of Microsoft Windows 10 on a mobile device, you may have received notifications already about programs or apps that drain battery on the device.

For instance, if you run Chrome or Firefox, you may get the message that said browser is draining battery faster than Microsoft Edge.

It is unclear right now whether the notification is limited to web browsers, or if other third-party programs are shamed as well if they are more power hungry than native Windows programs.

Microsoft Edge Annoyances

Microsoft Edge is a new browser, and while I tend to be lenient when it comes to new browsers and the features that they may be missing, I think it is fair to hold browser's by multi-billion Dollar companies to higher standards than browsers created by smaller companies.

When Microsoft Edge launched with Windows 10 in 2015, it was clear that Microsoft cut the tie to Internet Explorer in a major way.

Firefox Roadmap for 2016/2017

Mozilla updated the official Firefox roadmap entry on the organization's Wiki website recently, highlighting major plans for the browser in 2016/2017.

The information highlight some of the features that Mozilla has in store for the next four stable versions of the Firefox browser (Firefox 48 to 51).

The organization lists three main areas of improvement: foundation, customization and context graph.

Firefox 48: blocklist against plugin fingerprinting

Firefox 48, out August 2, 2016, will block known plugin fingerprinting services thanks to a new blocklist that Mozilla developed to improve user privacy.

Fingerprinting techniques use various methods to identify and distinguish devices. Anything that the browser reveals on its own is used for instance. Methods may parse the user agent header which reveals the operating system, browser version and other information.

Apart from information that is revealed on connect automatically, scripts may be used to get additional information.

Sync Dropbox automatically on Android

Dropbox's Android client is limited when it comes to the automatic synchronization of files between Dropbox and the Android device.

It did support automatic photo syncing up until now, but a recent change required that you either connect a computer to Dropbox as well, or upgrade to Dropbox Pro to retain the functionality.

SpyDetect scans Windows for monitoring spyware

SpyDetect Free is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that scans for spying and monitoring activity when run.

You have a couple of options when it comes to identifying monitoring and spying activity on your Windows device.

You may run manual checks for suspicious processes or network activity, rely on security software, or use third-party software that speed up the process.

Fixing Tiny Text in Windows

If you are running your Windows computer on a high resolution display, for instance one of those brand new 4K displays, you may have noticed that some text does not scale well.

While most programs and apps should work well on high resolution displays, others display text so small that you can barely read anything without binoculars.

Basically, these issues may occur on any device that is connected to displays with a resolution greater than Full HD (1080p).

Create Netflix Playlists with Flixtape

Flixtape by Netflix is a new service by Netflix that enables you to create video mixtapes using Netflix's video archive that you can play or share afterwards.

While you may add movies or television shows to your list on Netflix, it is more of an internal thing that you cannot share with others easily.

Why it makes sense sometimes to run different programs

Windows users have quite the options when it comes to programs for tasks they run on their devices.

If you look at web browsers for instance, there is Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and a truckload of others.

Most users probably stick to one program that they favor for one reason or the other, and use it exclusively or nearly exclusively.


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