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Steam won't run on Windows XP or Vista in 2019

Steam users who run the gaming platform on devices that are powered by Microsoft's Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems won't be able to run the client anymore from 2019 onward.

steam windows xp vista end support

Bing's World Cup Predictions are only for English regions

Companies like Microsoft showcase computer technologies that can be used to predict outcomes of events regularly. The football World Cup 2018 starts today and it should not come as a surprise that Microsoft took the opportunity to predict the outcome of all group stage world cup matches.

Office 365 interface redesign to roll out in coming months

Microsoft announced yesterday that it plans to roll out an interface redesign for Office 365 in the coming months.

Probably the biggest change the redesign introduces is a new smaller ribbon bar that the company believes is easier to use yet still powerful enough to provide users of Office 365 with the right tools to get work done.

Adblock Plus parent company Eyeo launches Trusted News for Chrome

Trusted News is a brand new browser extension for Google Chrome by Adblock Plus's parent company Eyeo that highlights the credibility of content on websites with the help of MetaCert's MetaCert Protocol.

If you don't know which news sources to trust, you may have come into contact with online services and browser extensions designed to assist you with that.

Add IrfanView options to Windows Explorer

IrfanView Shell Extension is a plugin for the free graphic viewer IrfanView that adds options and tools to Windows Explorer for quick access.

IrfanView is a popular image viewer for Windows that opens quickly, supports all major and many minor image formats, and offers great functionality that you may extend with plugins.

While IrfanView is an image viewer first and foremost, it supports other features of interest besides that. You may use it to manage and randomize wallpapers, capture screenshots, or edit images.

Steam chat overhaul launches in Steam Beta update

The most recent beta version of the Steam gaming platform client for desktop systems comes with a new chat system that modernizes Steam's somewhat dated chat experience.

The new functionality is in beta at the time of writing. You can join and leave the beta channel at any time by selecting Steam > Settings > Account.

Google retires Chrome extension inline installations

Google announced yesterday that it will retire inline installations of Google Chrome extensions starting with Chrome 71 in December 2018.

Chrome extension developers are required to add their extensions to the Chrome Web Store but they could distribute it using inline installations up until now.

Protect Windows against Speculative Store Bypass exploits

It has become quite time consuming to stay up to date with the ever increasing threats that Spectre and Meltdown pose to computer systems around the world.

New variants pop up regularly, and manufacturers like Intel and AMD, and software developers like Microsoft, release advisories, updates, and instructions regularly for some but not all hardware or software that are affected potentially.

Microsoft Windows Security Updates June 2018 release overview

It is June 12, 2018 and that means it is time for another Microsoft Patch Day overview. Microsoft releases security updates for its products on the second Tuesday of every month.

The overview offers information on all security and non-security updates that Microsoft released today as well as details about known issues, published security advisories, and the distribution of updates for all supported client and server operating systems and Microsoft's browsers.

Bypass the "unsupported hardware" barrier of Windows Update

Wufuc is a free open source software program for the Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The free program disables the "unsupported hardware" notification that Windows Update displays on systems that have blocked processors.


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