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KeePass Password Safe review

KeePass Password Safe is a free open source password manager for Windows ; ports of the password manager are available for Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and other systems as well.

The review focuses on the Windows version of KeePass, and here in particular version 2.x as it offers more features.

PassProtect warns you about insecure passwords

PassProtect is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that warns you when you are about to create accounts online using insecure passwords or about to sign in to an account using a weak password.

Most online sites and services have pretty lax policies when it comes to passwords that users may select. That's one reason why many Internet users select easy to remember passwords; the downside to this is that these passwords can be "guessed" easily by using brute force attacks or passwords from previous breaches that leaked on the Internet.

Opera 55: Chrome-like Settings page

Opera Software, maker of the popular Opera web browser for desktop and mobile operating systems, launched a new Developer version of Opera 55 recently that includes a redesigned Settings page.

The Opera browser is based on Chromium, the same core that Google Chrome or Vivaldi are based on as well.

Sneak Peek at Firefox's cloud storage integration study

Mozilla plans to run a Shield study soon in Firefox to gather data on user interest in regards to integrating cloud storage services in Firefox's downloads panel.

Many Internet users have access to cloud storage; those with Google or Microsoft accounts have it, and services like Dropbox ensure that anyone may sign-up for cloud storage to upload files to the Internet to sync it between devices, access it online, or share it.

While you may use web browsers to access cloud storage, none offer any form of native integration of cloud storage services.

Google tests horizontal tab switcher in Chrome mobile

Google is testing a new feature in Chrome mobile for Android right now that changes the tab switcher from a vertical layout to a horizontal one.

When you open the list of all tabs in Google Chrome mobile right now on Android, you get the list of open tabs and the sites loaded in those tabs. The sites are stacked vertically with one site displayed fully and others in front or behind the active tab.

Touch controls are provided to scroll though the list of open tabs and to load any tab that is open using the tab switcher.

A look at Easy Screenshot for Firefox

Mozilla's Firefox web browser comes with built-in screenshot capturing functionality; first launched as a Test Pilot experiment to gather data and interest in the feature, screen capturing is now part of Firefox natively.

Just click on the three dots in the Firefox address bar and select the "take a screenshot" item from the menu to start the process. You can capture the entire page or part of it, and save the screenshot online or locally.

Game Saturday: Taisei Bullet Hell Madness for PC

Taisei is an open source game for Microsoft Windows that is a fan-made clone of the popular Japanese bullet hell shooter series Touhou Project.

I love Japanese shoot'em-up games ever since I got my hands on games like R-Type, Raiden, or Apydia. I love so-called Bullet Hell games even more even though I'm not particularly good when it comes to playing them.

Firefox 63: Tracking Protection with Miner and Fingerprinting protection

Mozilla plans to include a new protective feature in Firefox 63; the browser's Tracking Protection feature, enabled by default only in private browsing windows, will protect users of the web browser from so-called in-browser miners and fingerprinting scripts.

JavaScript mining is a relatively new threat that Internet users face. Websites and browser extensions may embed JavaScript code to mine cryptocurrency using the system the browser is run on.

Avast update fixes Windows 10 version 1803 upgrade issue

Some Avast antivirus users reported a blank desktop with no icons or interface elements issue or a "boot to choose your keyboard layout" screen when they ran the upgrade from earlier versions of Windows 10 to the latest version Windows 10 version 1803 that Microsoft released on April 30, 2018.

First look at VPNhub

VPNhub is a new VPN service for mobile and desktop devices that has been created by one of the world's largest adult video streaming services Pornhub.

The service comes as a free version and a premium version. The free version is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, and works pretty much like any other VPN application you install on those devices.


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