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A look at FocusWriter distraction free text editor on GNU/Linux

Writing has always been something I enjoyed throughout my life, and nowadays I practically write for a living. You’d think that being a professional writer, I might have some kind of hyper-focus when I sit down to write...

But sadly, I openly admit to being easily distracted. Thankfully, there are different tools I utilize sometimes to help mitigate that issue; one such tool being FocusWriter.

Fix Google Chrome's font looking off

When I installed Google Chrome Canary the other day on a new Windows machine, I noticed right away that the font looked off in the browser's interface and on websites that I opened in the browser.

While I knew that Chrome's font rendering could be bad under certain circumstances, the fact that it happened on the machine was surprising as I did not experience the issue in Chrome Stable on the same PC.

You can check out the font rendering on the screenshot below that I got initially after the installation of Google Chrome Canary on the device.

Here is why you may want to skip this month Windows Updates

Patch Tuesday is just around the corner; Microsoft pushes out security updates and other updates for all of its products on the second Tuesday of the month.

While that is a good thing usually, Windows 10 users who have not upgraded systems to the new Windows 10 version 1803 "The April 2018 Update" may want to configure their devices to skip that update.

Microsoft plans to push the new feature update for Windows 10 to eligible PCs and devices this Tuesday.

Use findstr on Windows to find text in files and command outputs

If you want to find specific text in files, in a command line output or elsewhere, you may use the findstr command on Windows to do so.

Findstr is a built-in tool of the Windows operating system that you may run from the command line to find text in files or in command line outputs.

You can use the application to filter command line outputs, search individual files or entire directory structures for files with matching text.

Run findstr /? from the command line to display all parameters and options that "Find String" supports.

Firefox: Downloads highlighted on New Tab Page

If things go as planned, Mozilla Firefox will soon display recent downloads in the highlights section of the browser's default New Tab Page.

How to change your Twitter password

Twitter revealed on May 3, 2018 that the company stored user passwords in plain text for a considerable amount of time. The company patched the issue and investigated potential breaches but concluded that there was "no indication of breach or misuse by anyone".

Google reveals how well Chrome's autoplay-blocking feature works

Google introduced autoplay blocking functionality in Chrome 66 for the desktop last month. The company identified autoplaying video with sound as a huge user annoyance and decided to do something about it.

FastStone Image Viewer 6.5 supports video import

FastStone Image Viewer 6.5 is the latest version of the media viewer for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The new version of the application supports the importing of video files, improved the slideshow functionality and the internal video player.

If you ask one hundred Windows users about the media viewer they use to view images, you will probably get more than twenty different answers.

Spectre Next Generation vulnerabilities affect Intel processors

Intel is facing another wave of reported security issues that affect the company's processors. The vulnerabilities, called Spectre Next Generation or Spectre NG, have not been disclosed publicly yet.

FreeFileSync 10.0 updates removes ads from installer

FreefileSync 10.0 is the latest version of the popular cross-platform file synchronization software.

The program is listed in our Best Windows file synchronization software list as it is quite powerful when it comes to data synchronization operations on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X devices.


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