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KeePass 2.40 is out: here is what is new

KeePass 2.40 was released on September 10, 2018. The new version of the password manager comes with new auto-complete functionality when editing certain data fields, enhanced compatibility checks for plugin dlls and more.

KFK File Splitter review

KFK is a program for Microsoft's Windows operating system that you may use to split files so that you end up with multiple smaller parts.

The splitting of files is useful under certain circumstances, for instance when you want to send files as email attachments but are limited by the email provider in regards to file size. The same may be true locally when you want to move files to a USB drive or burn files to disc.

Microsoft trying to push KB4023057 again to user systems

An updated version of KB4023057 has been released via Windows Update the other day. KB4023057 is an update for all versions of Windows 10 but Windows 10 version 1803 that supposedly improves the update reliability.

Firefox not auto-completing bookmarks? That's a bug

Firefox users who use bookmarks in the web browser may have noticed that bookmark entries are no longer suggested as auto-complete entries in the Firefox's address bar.

The following happens when you type something in the browser's address bar: Firefox checks for matches and displays suggestions based on those matches. The best hit is displayed as an auto-complete entry so that you can stop typing right away and hit the Enter-key instead to load the suggested resource.

Mozilla working on Google Translate integration in Firefox

Did you know that the Firefox web browser has a translate feature similarly to that of Google Chrome? Most Firefox users are probably unaware as it is not enabled by default and not highlighted in the options or user interface.

Mozilla revealed in February 2014 that it was working on integrating machine translate functionality in the Firefox web browser and started to include the functionality in Nightly versions of the browser in May 2014.

Disable the sign-out link between Chrome, Gmail and other Google services

Google Chrome users who run the recently released Chrome 69 on any desktop system may have noticed a behavior change that affects Chrome's synchronization functionality and Google accounts on the Web.

Tor Browser for Android released

Tor Browser for Android is now available officially on Google Play and on the Tor Project website. The release is marked as alpha at this point in time; this becomes obvious right after start as it is required that you install Orbot, a proxy application, on your Android device as well as Tor Browser requires it currently for its functionality.

Jarvis launcher for Windows

Alfred is a popular launcher app for Mac Os X, and Jarvis is an open source program for Windows that brings the functionality to Windows.

Jarvis is a work in progress which means that it does not replicate all of Alfred's features at this point in time. New versions are released regularly however that add new features and improve Jarvis's functionality.

Enable the dark theme in the Android YouTube app

Google began to roll out dark theme support for the company's YouTube application for the Android operating system yesterday.

The company started tests months ago but only a select few Android users got options back then to enable a dark theme in the official YouTube app for Android.

While the majority of users probably don't care about dark theme support in general, a vocal group of users does. Considering that YouTube's app on Android is used by hundreds of millions of users, it is fair to say that the group is particularly large on Android.

Chrome's stripping of trivial domain parts is broken

Google Chrome 69 landed recently and with it came a change that hides information in the browser's address bar on the desktop.

Chrome 68 and earlier displayed the full web address all the time in the address bar but that is no longer the case in Chrome 69 as Google implemented two changes of which one has far reaching consequences.

The first change removed the scheme from the URL. Chrome does not display https:// or http:// anymore in the address bar.


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