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Firefox’s new context menu with icons on top

The new Firefox design Australis has not been out for a full release cycle in Firefox Stable yet, and Mozilla is already planning ahead to make additional changes t

Facebook to set post visibility to friends for new users

Facebook is known for its notoriously complex privacy settings that even experienced users have a hard time configuring correctly.

EasyNetMonitor: monitor local and remote locations from Windows’ Tray

EasyNetMonitor offers a simple solution to monitor local or remote locations if you are running Windows.

Firefox’s Multi-process architecture becomes a priority finally

If you ask Chrome users why they are using Google's web browser and not Firefox, you will often hear that Chrome is faster, leaner or slimmer.

How to forward emails in Thunderbird using custom headers

Whenever I forward emails in the Thunderbird email client all headers of that email are attached to it at the top.

ProxTube rebranded to ProxFlow long after toolbar inclusion fiasco

ProxTube started out as a useful browser extension for Chrome that allowed you to access country-restricted websites similar to other extensions of its kind such as


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